Meet the SHINE team!

Project Leader Dungannon Enterprise Centre

Dungannon Enterprise Centre (DEC) is an awarding winning development body and currently employs 10 members of staff. It provides support in many ways depending upon the needs of the entrepreneur and community, such as Industrial and office workspace units to incubate local businesses and third sector organisations, professional business advice and counselling, Training on business start-up, expansion planning, consultancy support in sourcing government support and finance, marketing planning and E-Learning solutions.

Dungannon Enterprise Centre’s (DEC) primary aim is to help energise their community through capacity and competency programmes, provision of social innovation and entrepreneurship space, and specific measures to reach those most challenged in the community to maximise their potential. As VET educators, DEC’s work extends beyond the SME sector to the professionalisation of the third sector economy in supporting NGOs and non-profitmaking organisations including charities, voluntary and community groups, cooperatives, towards sustainable business models and growth. DEC’s work encourages the development of the local economy through the fostering of the local enterprise culture. DEC has a unique and unparalleled insight and experience of developing and delivering support for communities in the locality. The expert team is skilled and resourceful and appreciate the varied learning styles and diverse needs of individuals; as a result, the methods of programme delivery are tailored to suit all individuals.

Queens University Belfast- The William J Clinton Leadership Institute

The William J Clinton Leadership was established in 2010 at the prestigious Riddel Hall, Belfast to be a focal point for world-class leadership development and executive education locally, nationally and internationally.

Its success in the field of executive education was cemented in 2014 when former US President Bill Clinton renamed the Institute – The William J Clinton Leadership Institute – in acknowledgement of our impact on executive development. In 2016, the Leadership Institute merged with the Queen’s Management School – a globally renowned centre of education and research – further deepening our links with the University’s 1700 subject matter experts. Over the past ten years, through a range of high-end open and bespoke programmes, the Leadership Institute has had the opportunity to work with over 800 organisations and 2000

leaders from all sectors. The Institute focus is on developing and building leadership capacity, helping them transform their organisations by shaping strategy, transforming mission, vision, culture and values. We are delighted to offer our experience in the design and delivery of both open and customised leadership and management professional development programmes for women in leadership.

Our mission is to educate and equip leaders to transform local and global businesses and societies. Our vision is to develop truly successful global leaders with the ability to take command and confront challenges in this fast-changing global economy of the 21st century. In doing so, become a reputable Leadership Institute which influences business and society at all levels.

Meridaunia Local Action Group

Meridaunia Local Action Group is a joint limited liability consortium which includes Municipal Administrations, Trade Organisations and Associations, Companies and Private Organisations and Education Providers. The Meridaunia Local Action Group is the technical body entrusted with the planning and implementation of the Strategic Plan for the Greater Area of Monti Dauni, which includes the area of the Comunità Montane dei Monti Dauni and the Municipality of Lucera.

The Strategic Plan is aimed at implementing integrated politics for local development (processes that including active policies for work and policies for social inclusion) for the purpose of creating new markets and new employment catchment areas which will boost economic development, social cohesion and the environmental protection of the territory, in other words, the quality of life in rural areas. The projects presented to the Puglia Regional foresee investments of over 200 million euros.

As a result of this, Meridaunia Local Action Group is very active in community development. Their work essentially consists in drawing up and carrying out strategies for the development of the territory through the involvement of the greatest possible number of local socioeconomic actors (public and private) as well as the local community. Meridaunia LAG is passionate about participatory community consultation approaches as well as grassroots training initiatives which bring local communities together to improve life in the Monti Dauni region.


Momentum is one of Ireland’s leading regional and community development specialists providing support and training to a wide network of community and regional development organisations including Leitrim County Council, Galway County Council and Roscommon Leader Partnership to name a few. Working with these groups, Momentum has been instrumental in the development of over 20 regional and community development and regeneration plans in Ireland.

A VET organisation, MMS is also focused on developing progressive learning programmes and platforms for education, community and enterprise organisations, with special focus on developing support structures for socio-economically challenged groups such as women, refugees/migrants and NEET’s achieve their full potential personally and professionally.

Founded in 2003, Momentum has grown rapidly in size and now employs 24 staff and subcontractors. The training wing of Momentum equips over 600 learners per annum through our sought-after classroom training courses and thousands of others through our blended learning and online courses. Momentum also has a strong marketing division specialising in content generation, digital media and social media

European E-learning Institute (EUEI)

European E-learning Institute (EUEI) specialises in the creation of powerful online platforms, immersive educational environments and provision of resources and tools to create truly valuable learning experiences. EUEI was founded on the concept of ‘continuing education’; post-secondary education programmes that provide further enrichment to learners in a wide range of sectors, covering topics that are professional and/or personal. As an organisation, EUEI places tremendous worth on the informal and flexible nature of continuing education and crafting flexible, online learning courses for those wishing to improve/empower themselves and grasp the means to shape their lives for the better. Building inclusive and resilient communities by empowering marginalised groups is also a key goal of the organisation.

EUEI courses build on the expertise of our European collaborators, who are both academic specialists and in-the-field practitioners with a successful track record in teaching in both formal and nonformal education. Each of our online courses is delivered via a state-of-the-art learning system with an asynchronous learning format which enables learners to advance at their own pace, taking into consideration professional and personal commitments. Learning occurs through our interactive platforms where course content theory is combined with practical application supported by case studies, audiovisual material and interactive presentations. In addition to this, learners have access to a wide range of resources -typically online guides for each subject accompanied by exercises, projects, and assignments.

The European YWCA

The European YWCA is a European movement and women-led organisation whose goals is to Empower Women For A Better Future. The European YWCA represents YWCA’s in 27 countries in Europe, which are driven by women in local communities committed to the YWCA purpose. The vision of the European YWCA is of a fully inclusive world where justice, peace, health, human dignity, freedom and care for the environment are promoted and sustained through women’s leadership, with a special focus on women. European YWCA has been breaking down walls, building bridges and making the difference believing that together we can make the difference. And we continue to do that with each new generation of women. As a member of the European Women’s Lobby, YWCA brings a strong European perspective to the project, and within the European Youth Forum, they bring a strong gender perspective. The YWCA’s in Europe place tremendous value on partnerships which enable the continued growth and effectiveness of their work to support and develop their collective resources and move forward their goal to make a greater impact on the lives of European women.